THE HISTORIC fishing village of Staithes threw open its doors to host pop-up art galleries in homes, cafes, and community buildings.

More than 100 artists have displayed paintings, prints, sculpture, glass and crafts at the fifth annual Festival of Arts and Heritage in the village north of Whitby, last weekend.

Musicians and bands played intimate concerts throughout the weekend, and after dark an outdoor cinema showed film footage of the village’s rich past with live piano accompaniment.

On the beach, light artist Mick Stephenson created a huge glow stick installation, and the light generated threw spectacular shadows onto the cliffs of dinosaurs created by sculptor Emma Stothard, while a shoal of flying fish carved from wood by Ste Iredale swooped from the sea.

The heritage exhibition was on the Railway Years at Staithes when it had the tallest viaduct in the North of England, with a talk by railways expert Dr Michael Williams.

There were various workshops throughout the festival. Al Milnes, one of the festival founders and the co-owner of the Staithes Gallery, said: “There’s been a lovely atmosphere. “The weather has been so lovely and everybody has had a great time.”