AS ONLINE shopping mistakes go, David Little’s accidental purchase of a £28,500 coach takes some beating.

The 27-year-old County Durham man had been clubbing in Ibiza when he checked his mobile phone to discover he had placed the winning bid on a 53-seater coach – without knowing it.

A shocked Mr Little took several hours to tell his girlfriend about the mistake after the pair had partied in a Spanish club until midnight on Wednesday, August 24.

The Northern Echo:

David Little, from Wolsingham, County Durham, received a notifcation on his phone after accident placing the winning bid on the £28,500 coach. Picture: DAVID LITTLE

The Wolsingham-born 27-year-old has now returned to the North-East after his expensive getaway, but Facebook users across the world have since shared his story thousands of times after he revealed his holiday mishap on social media.

Speaking to The Northern Echo, Mr Little, who DJs and works in Darlington’s Dolphin Centre, said: “I was in a Ushuaia, which is a superclub in Ibiza, and I was having a great time, absolutely loving life and using my phone to take pictures inside the club.

“When it came to closing time at 12pm, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the time and book a taxi and that’s when I saw the notification that I’d bought this £28,500 bus.

“At this point, I’m really panicking and wondering how the hell I’ve done it – I couldn’t even speak to my girlfriend to tell her what had happened because I didn’t even know what was going on.

“I thought there must be some way to get out of it and I submitted a cancellation request to eBay before I put it on Facebook for a bit of banter and since then it’s gone crazy on there – it’s incredible.”

Mr Little’s original Facebook post has been ‘liked’ about 45,000 times by people across the globe who have also offered to help pay for the blue Scania Irizar Century coach.

The 27-year-old added: “The attention has been unbelievable and I’ve had at least 50 people asking to buy the bus and other people telling me I’ve got myself a great deal on it.

“I don’t know anything about coaches and I don’t a licence to drive buses, but I’m open to the idea of keeping it.

“You can only get out of buying something off eBay if there’s a legitimate reason – which I have – but I’d keep it if I have to pay for it.

“Because I DJ, a lot of people have said I could turn it into a party bus, take out the back seats and put some decks in there. The coach already has a fridge, DVD player, cameras and all that. It sounds quite nice to be honest.”

Mr Little has tried to contact the Ipswich-based bus company that advertised the coach on eBay, however he has had no response from the group.

“I still can’t believe how many people have shared what happened to me," Mr Little added.

"I only posted it because I can see the funny side in it. I think it’s spread across the world because so many people can relate to what’s happened.

"People make mistakes when they’ve had a couple of drinks, but not everyone buys a bus.”