ELEVEN workers were rescued, with seven needing hospital treatment, after fire broke out underground at the ICL UK Boulby mine in East Cleveland on Wednesday morning.

Emergency services were called to the scene and the mine’s rescue team was deployed to tackle the incident.

The fire was extinguished and all workers in the mine at the time of the incident were located and brought to the surface, a spokesman said.

Seven workers affected by smoke were taken to hospital for checks.

A spokesman for Cleveland Fire Brigade said: "This was a fire involving polystyrene blocks underground.

"Eleven people were found by the mine rescue team after moving further underground away from the fire.

"After they were brought to the surface, two suffered smoke inhalation and one was suffering from shock."

HM Inspectorate of Mines are at the mine and the company said it would be working with them to carryout a full investigation into the incident.

Mining operations have been suspended for the day.