POLICE and firefighters are investigating the cause of a fire which destroyed a van parked outside a North Yorkshire business.

Emergency services were called to the blaze at Scotch Corner Autos Ltd, opposite the Holiday Inn Hotel, at Scotch Corner, at around 11.45pm on Sunday night.

Police closed the A6108 passed the scene while firefighters from Richmond extinguished the blaze.

In the early hours of Sunday an arson attack occurred at a home in Darlington and police were investigating if the incident was linked to ongoing feud between Gipsies.

Social media users speculated that incident could also be linked to the feud.

However, Scotch Corner Autos direction Nicholas Constantine said this was not correct.

He said the van belonged to a staff member and it was parked at the garage because it needed some work.

He added: "It was his camper van and he's lost everything that was inside.

"The police and fire service are investigated at the moment."

Mr Constantine said it was not clear if the fire was started deliberately, however he added: "We think we know what it's to do with and it's nothing to do with the Gipsy feud in Darlington."

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police confirmed officers were investigating the incident.