PEOPLE have been taking to social media to react to the news that Darlington faces £12m of cuts to council services.

Below are some of their Tweets:

abitfairytale_ ‏@abitfairytale_  

Thinking of starting a petition to bring councillors pay down in line with MPs (or better, living wage) - there's a cut to see! #Darlington

Jonny ‏@jwwlancaster  

There's no way the Market and Library can be flattened is there? Please reassure me of that. #darlington

FirstStop Darlington ‏@FirstStopDton  

A tough day for all of #Darlington services learning how the #cuts will affect everyone. Let's stick together, life is hard enough already!

Grace Wakes ‏@Wakesy  

Really gutted to hear about today's news. Will forever continue to champion all that is good about #Darlington

Nicola Payne ‏@nicolapayne10

Disgusted by the news coming out of @darlingtonbc this morning. And people wonder why I don't see my family's future in #Darlington

AnnieDewar ‏@annanderson2012  

#Darlington market and libraries to close, years of mis management by inept council. No vision,wrong name for museum,High Row debacle etcetc

Niven Architects ‏@NivenArchitects  

It's a sad day when a library has to close. What will now become of the impressive GG Hoskins building ? #darlington

Clemo @1974clemo

Darlington County council make 600 Redundant, Cameron gives £1.2 Billion in aid to Syria, ******* disgrace

Michelle @fluffymabell

Edward Pease gifted the library to the people of Darlington. You are ripping the Quaker roots out


RIP, Darlington.