A VILLAGE famed for its maypole is without it after strong winds caused it to snap.

The maypole in Ovington, North Yorkshire, snapped at the base in strong winds just after 12pm on Monday, November 9.

The pole, which is more than 60ft tall, is Ovington’s most famous feature, so much so that it is also known as “the maypole village”.

Resident Robert Green, who lives opposite the village green, said: “I can see it out of my window. I was sitting here this morning at about 12 minutes past 12 and I heard a bang. I looked up and I saw it bouncing off the green.

“It’s 60ft plus high, so it’s massive. I think it’s one of the tallest in the country.”

Jean Stroud, who owns The Four Alls pub in Ovington, said: “The wind was really bad. It’s gone and snapped at the bottom. It’s lucky no one was out there at the time.”

The maypole has been there for eight years and takes centre stage at the village's annual May Day festival, when children dance around it on the green.