SING Hallelujah, C'mon Get Happy! could easily have been the title of the Tiffany School of Dance show at Darlington Civic Theatre on Saturday.

What a fabulous display of talent from the 200 performers, aged from three years to adults, who took part in Snow White.

In the tenth year of the school's existence, the costumes were spectacular, the enthusiasm was high and the dancing was amazing.

Dancing the title role of a one-act ballet choreographed by Rachael Tiffany and Margaret Singer to the music of Greig, 15-year-old Hannah Barron performed with elegance, poise and innocence that perfectly suited the role.

In this, her first lead role, she showed a maturity and confidence as she led the company through the well-known story.

It was not only about dancing, but also acting, as Suzie Millar demonstrated in her part as the imperious, wicked Queen.

Looking truly villainous in russet robes and a haughty expression, we had to bite back the temptation to "boo" when she took the stage.

In contrast, Kate Pilbeam's interpretation of the Mirror was languid and graceful and a perfect foil to the Queen's sinister majesty. Some light comic relief was offered by the seven dwarfs, who performed their parts with balletic athleticism, until the terrible moment when they discovered that their Snow White had been poisoned by the Queen.

Luckily, help was swiftly at hand with Jamie Rutherford as the handsome Prince, who saved her in time to dance the final grand pas de deux.

In the second half of the show, we were treated to an electric mix of tap, modern and jazz to a diverse range of rhythms and composers.

All the dances were performed with smiles that said that the company was really enjoying the chance to show off what they could do.

From the youngest members of the school to the more mature ladies, who proved that you are never too old to start, the numbers were slick and professional under the choreography of Sara Storm.

Particular mention goes to Shellby Moore in her amusing mime of Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend.

Eat your heart out, Marilyn -this girl can also dance.

The finale of the show featured a challenging ballet for the major students, dancing to an inspiring and dramatic piece of music by Tchaikovsky. It was all beautifully performed and presented to an appreciative, and very happy, audience.

* The show was held to raise money for Cancer Research UK and The Butterwick Children's Hospice.


Snow White - Hannah Barron.

Dwarfs - Megan Chown, Laura Devlin, Emily Greensmith, Shellby Moore, Chloe Ogilvie-Coe, Samantha Smith and Lena Willis.

Prince - Jamie Rutherford.

Wicked Queen - Suzie Millar.

Mirror - Kate Pilbeam.

Queen's henchmen - Christopher Pilbeam, Mackis Vakhos and Aaron Wilkinson.

Young Snow White - Charlotte Lakey.

King - Chris Thompson.

Snow White's friends - Sophie Bryant, Clare Chown, Lauren Davis, Lauren Feechan, Samantha Gamblin, Imogen Hopkins, Erin Hughes, Abbie Ralphs, Emily Ralphs, Chloe Rogers, Emilie Thelwell, Amber Ward and Emily Whitfield.

Older friends - Nell Bonham, Sarah Degnan, Jane Herrlich, Alexandra Hodgson, Catherine Hodgson, Victoria Kelly, Caroline Knight, Stephanie Loughhead, Antonia Vakhos and Charlotte Wildsmith.

Owls - Kirsten Ball and Bethany Forster Adams.

Foxes - Charlotte Allison, Katie Atkinson, Hollie Blake, Zoe Crawford, Lucy Hewitson, Zahraa Maiter, Holly Marks, Sarah McGovern, Rosie Pilling, Annabel Steele, Olivia Thompson and Jessica Woodley-Stewart.

Badgers - Amy Alderdice, Amelia Barron, Amy Gee, Alice Huseyinoglu, Phoebe Jones, Jade Matthews, Genevieve Myhan, Laura Nicholls, Hannah Richards, Beth Rodgers, Beth Waite and Kate Weston Ruby - Amy Sheppard.

Emerald - Victoria McCabe.

Sapphire - Louise Barden.

Amethyst - Ruth Pell-Ilderton.

Diamond - Candice Moore.

Rubies - Louise Allison, Emily Cardew, Amy-Megan Dinsdale, Alice Entwisle, Scarlett Fletcher, Geraldine Gallagher, Olivia Paddison, Victoria Park and Laura Raine.

Emeralds - Grace Adamson, Harriet Adamson, Sophie Barron, Sophie Foggin, Holly Gee, Acacia Lill and Rebecca Lynch.

Sapphires - Eleanor Crick, Fern Feechan, Hannah Hunter, Parisa Jones, Alice Kilday, Grace Mash, Emma Shackleston, Isobel Souter and Katherine Wingate.

Amethysts - Clare Adamson, Lesley Chown, Lynne Devlin, Jan Gamblin, Lara Lill, Angela Loughhead, Heather Pell- Ilderton, Dawn Pilbeam, Margaret Singer, Gina Thelwell, Helen Tysseling, Jill Wildsmith and Julie Winter.

Birds - Emily Bonham, Jennifer Costello and Isla Pattison.

Baby birds - Eve Ball, Emelia Briggs, Sara Burdon, Molly Rose Crick, Catie Dawson, Katie Duffy, Madeleine Haithwaite, Charlotte Laver, Katie Lines, Cleo McNiff, Lucy Murray, Holly Pickering, Jessica Rayner, Caitlyn Shafto, Marella Smith, Henry Souter, Zara Symonds and Rachael Whan.

Mice - Lucy Booth, Emily Bryant, Holly Campbell, Grace Davidson, Sophie Dryburgh, Faye Garbutt, Millie Hall, Lorna Meijer, Ruth McElheran, Heather McKim, Lauren Robson, Emily Rogerson, Hannah Snelling, Rebecca Tinmouth, Holly Watson, Hannah White, Rebecca Wilkinson and Gosia Zdanowicz.

Wedding guests - Sarah Astle, Leah Gordon, Iona Hill, Alycia Hodgson, Annie Stokell and Lara Tysseling.

Young wedding guests - Alicia Boon, Maisie Bradshaw, Jodie Bruce-Wright, Rachel Burton, Katherine Clements, Erin Greensmith, Freya Hugill-Herrmann, Abigail Humphrys, Harriet Marshall, Sarah Murray, Neve Norton, Isabel Petty, Cerys Smith, Maia Thomson, Kathryn Vest and Laura Woodley-Stewart.


Clare Adamson, Grace Adamson, Harriet Adamson, Kate Adamson, Amy Alderdice, Charlotte Allison, Louise Allison, Sarah Astle, Katie Atkinson, Eve Ball, Kirstin Ball, Louise Bardon, Amelia Barron, Hannah Barron, Sophie Barron, Hollie Blake, Eleanor Bonham, Emily Bonham, Nell Bonham, Alicia Boon, Lucy Booth, Maisie Bradshaw, Emelia Briggs, Vikki Briggs, Jodie Bruce-Wright, Emily Bryant, Sophie Bryant, Sara Burdon, Rachel Burton, Holly Campbell, Emily Cardew, Cherie Chiu Tsz Wai, Carmen Chow, Clare Chown, Lesley Chown, Megan Chown, Katherine Clements, Thomas Clements, Jennifer Costello, Zoe Crawford, Eleanor Crick, Molly Rose Crick, Grace Davidson, Lauren Davis, Catie Dawson, Sarah Degnan, Laura Devlin, Lynne Devlin, Amy-Megan Dinsdale, Katie Duffy, Sophie Dryburgh, Steph Edwards, Alice Entwisle, Leona Eyre, Fern Feechan, Lauren Feechan, Scarlett Fletcher, Sophie Foggin, Bethany Forster Adams, Georgia Forster Adams, Geraldine Gallagher, Kristina Gallagher, Jan Gamblin, Samantha Gamblin, Faye Garbutt, Amy Gee, Holly Gee, Ashley Gent, Leah Gordon, Emily Greensmith, Erin Greensmith, Olivia Haile, Madeleine Haithwaite, Millie Hall, Ruth Hansom, Jessica Harland, Joanne Hellem, Jane Herrlich, Jane Hetherington, Lucy Hewitson, Iona Hill, Alexandra Hodgson, Alycia Hodgson, Catherine Hodgson, Imogen Hopkins, Erin Hughes, Freya Hugill-Herrmann, Abigail Humphries, Hannah Hunter, Alice Huseyinoglu, Parisa Jones, Phoebe Jones, Allie Jennings, Imogen Jennings, Alice Kilday, Victoria Kelly, Caroline Knight, Charlotte Lakey, Abigail Lamb, Charlotte Laver, Acacia Lill, Lara Lill, Katie Lines, Angela Loughhead, Stephanie Loughhead, Rebecca Lynch, Zahraa Maiter, Holly Marks, Grace Mash, Harriet Marshall, Jade Matthews, Victoria McCabe, Ruth McElheran, Sarah McGovern, Heather McKim, Cleo McNiff, Lorna Meijer, Suzie Millar, Emma Mitchell, Candice Moore, Shellby Moore, Emma Morton, Sarah Murphy, Lucy Murray, Sarah Murray, Genevieve Myhan, Laura Nicholls, Neve Norton, Chloe Ogilvie-Coe, Olivia Paddison, Victoria Park, Zoe Park, Isla Pattison, Fay Pell-Ilderton, Heather Pell-Ilderton, Ruth Pell-Ilderton, Isabel Petty, Holly Pickering, Christopher Pilbeam, Dawn Pilbeam, Kate Pilbeam, Rosie Pilling, Rachel Pitt, Laura Raine, Abbie Ralphs, Emily Ralphs, Jessica Rayner, Hannah Richards, Lauren Robson, Amy Rodchester, Beth Rodgers, Chloe Rogers, Emily Rogerson, Michaela Rogerson, Jamie Rutherford, Emma Shackleston, Amy Sheppard, Beth Simpson, Margaret Singer, Sarah Singleton, Samantha Smith, Caitlin Shafto, Cerys Smith, Marella Smith, Hannah Snelling, Henry Souter, Isobel Souter, Annabel Steele, Annie Stokell, Sarah Storm, Zara Symonds, Gina Thelwell, Emilie Thelwell, Maia Thomson, Chris Thompson, Olivia Thompson, Rebecca Tinmouth, Helen Tysseling, Lara Tysseling, Antonia Vakhos, Mackis Vakhos, Katherine Vest, Beth Waite, Abigail Walton, Amber Ward, Beth Watson, Holly Watson, Kate Weston, Rachael Whan, Samantha Whinn, Hannah White, Emily Whitfield, Charlotte Wildsmith, Jill Wildsmith, Aaron Wilkinson, Rebecca Wilkinson, Lena Willis, Katherine Wingate, Julie Winter, Jessica Woodley- Stewart, Laura Woodley-Stewart,Isabel Wunschel, Eleanor Young and Gosia Zdanowicz.