MIDDLESBROUGH FC is going back to its roots with the launch of a new club badge that honours its long heritage.

The new badge, which is launched today, recognises the fact that Middlesbrough is one of the oldest football clubs in the world, having been formed in 1876.

It replaces a roundel-shaped badge that had been in existence since the club's rebirth following liquidation in 1986.

Chairman Steve Gibson said: "I've been pressing for the change of badge for some time. The 1986 badge suggested our history was far shorter than it really was.

"We should be proud of our history and that the club is one of the oldest not just in England but in the entire world. Our history before 1986 might not always have been covered in glory but it is our history all the same and we should recognise that.

"The new badge will ensure that everyone in the football world knows just how far back Middlesbrough Football Club goes. We should all be proud of that."

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