BABY rabbits found on the site of a new motorway are looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after being handed in to an animal rescue centre.

Road builders upgrading the A1 between Leeming and Barton to three lanes found the rabbits on the construction site and took them to Bunny Burrows animal rescue centre in nearby Richmond.

Bunny Burrows owner Gwen Butler is better known for taking in unwanted pet rabbits and guinea pigs, but was happy to help look after the baby wild rabbits.

She said: "They have brought me a few groups of baby rabbits since they've been working on the A1.

"These came in a Morrisons carrier bag but I've had them in buckets before. You would think they are big rough and tough men, but they're just big softies at heart."

When they arrived, the rabbits' eyes were not open and Mrs Butler had to feed them at least three times a day with a bottle of goat's milk.

After about four weeks, they could feed themselves.

"The first thing they saw when they opened their eyes was me and they are very tame - they will run up my arm.

"But they're not pets and would be off given half the chance. My passion is wild rabbits. They're the perfect shape and perfect colouring."

When the rabbits are older they will go to live on land owned by a Bunny Burrow supporter in Harrogate.

"They will live in the wild although they still come to his back door for food," Mrs Butler said.

A Highways England spokeswoman said: “Having a site covering 12 miles of North Yorkshire it often means we come across a wide range of wildlife. Recently our site team came across a number of baby rabbits which were in need of their help. The team took them to Bunny Burrows in Richmond and we hope from here they will thrive.”

Bunny Burrows will hold a coffee morning from 9am to 3pm on Saturday, August 14 at Northallerton Town Hall. As well as refreshments, there will be stalls stalls selling cakes, books and bric-a-brac.