A BANNED young motorist was at least two-and-a-half times over the drink-drive limit when he hit a teenage cyclist carrying a four-year-old boy on his BMX bike.

The 19-year-old cyclist was thrown over the bonnet of the car but managed to shield his young passenger, although both were injured by the impact.

Durham Crown Court heard that Brett Scott Hodgson, who was driving a relative’s Rover 25, tried to leave the scene, but was detained by onlookers.

They noticed he appeared drunk and one person present managed to grab the car keys to stop him driving off.

He was arrested at the scene, in Wear Road, Stanley, and although a breathalyser failed to operate, he subsequently gave a blood/alcohol reading of 207mg, compared to the legal limit for driving of 80mg.

The court heard that Hodgson had been drinking up to a dozen cans of lager in the early hours of February 28, but only had about two hours sleep, before taking a relative’s car for a drive.

Paul Abrahams, prosecuting, said Hodgson drove to Chester-le-Street, before returning to Stanley, when the collision took place at about 10.30am.

Mr Abrahams said it was accepted the bike emerged from behind a parked car and Hodgson was unable to stop in time to prevent the collision.

The bicycle also had no brakes, and the teenage riding it, who was returning from taking the four-year-old old neighbour to buy sweets, dragged his feet on the ground in a bid to prevent the collision, on seeing the car approaching.

Mr Abrahams said based on where the skid marks on the road indicate Hodgson began braking, it was estimated he had been travelling at 31-miles per hour in a 30-limit area, and, at the point of impact, the car speed was about 20-mph.

Twenty-one-year-old Hodgson, of Pea Road, Stanley, admitted driving with excess alcohol, while disqualified and without insurance.

The court heard that he has a number of previous motoring convictions, including two each for drink/driving and driving while disqualified.

Joe Hedworth, mitigating, said Hodgson accepts it was, “totally unacceptable” that he should have been driving that car at the time, and has since described his decision to take to the wheel as, “the biggest mistake of my life.”

But, Mr Hedworth stated that on seeing the bike he immediately tried to take evasive action.

Judge Christopher Prince adjourned the case until August 21 to allow consideration to be given to a further charge of aggravated vehicle taking.

But he remanded Hodgson in custody until that hearing as he said the other offences on their own merited a custodial sentence.