A VIP protection officer had his firearms status taken away by a superior at Cleveland Police due his shooting record and not his race, a Chief Inspector told a tribunal today (Tuesday, July 14).

Chief Inspector Mick Robson, of Cleveland Police, said that he had decided to remove PC Nadeem Saddique's status as a firearms officer after he failed a shoot.

He added: "Categorically I can say that PC Saddique's record is the worst of any current authorised firearms officer."

PC Saddique, who is pursuing a claim of racial discrimination against Cleveland Police, has claimed his superior, Ch Insp Robson, had made racist comments about him to other officers.

Mr Robson said: "I certainly never said I didn't like him because he was Asian. Never have I said the firearms unit should only be for white officers. That is completely untrue."

Joanne Woodward, representing Mr Saddique, said: "You didn't inform him of his right to appeal against that decision (to remove the firearms status)."

However, Mr Robson said he had advised Mr Saddique he could appeal.

Ms Woodward also said PC Saddique had claimed there was "favouritism" by allowing some officers to retake shoots that they had officially failed, by saying the weapons were not correctly set.

Mr Saddique's evidence includes claims that one officer said 'I'll get that black **** out of the firearms watch' whilst another officer said 'who does he think he is, he is just a Paki'.

The hearing continues.