A COUNTY councillor has admitted not telling the truth about the way he voted at a meeting to discuss the future of local government.

North Yorkshire County Councillor Bill Barton, who represents Sowerby, took part in the vote at County Hall, in January.

Coun Mark Robson, of Sowerby Parish Council, accused Coun Barton of misleading members over the named vote on the county's bid to be a unitary authority.

Speaking at this week's parish meeting, Coun Robson said: "When we asked Coun Barton last month about the county becoming a unitary authority, he said he was against it.

"He stated he voted on it at county for the status quo, but we have a list of how people voted and he voted in favour of a unitary authority.

"It's quite clear you had voted for a unitary authority," he told Coun Barton.

The Government wants North Yorkshire to become a single-tier authority, which would see the seven North Yorkshire district councils and the county council replaced by a super authority.

Responding to Coun Robson's accusation, Coun Barton admitted he had not told the truth.

He said: "I did vote a different way to what I told you.

"My biggest enemy at county hall is a councillor and he was voting against unitary status. But I could not bring myself to vote the same way as him, so I voted for it. You can say what you like and we'll see what happens next time there's a county election."