A DISTRAUGHT grandmother watched in horror as a mortgage company moved to repossess her home of 27 years.

Bailiffs and police officers arrived at Glynis Craggs’s house in Sunnybrow, near Willington, County Durham, at around 9am this morning (Thursday, April 23) to attempt to evict her.

Her supporters claim the bailiffs forced their way into the Bridge Street property, terrifying Ms Craggs and her two young grandchildren, before securing metal sheets over the doors and windows.

Ms Craggs, 59, claims Redstone Mortgages lodged a complaint against her after she questioned the power of attorney on her mortgage; as a result she has not paid her mortgage since January 2014.

On Monday, March 16, Durham County Court rejected moves to have a bailiffs warrant overthrown and today (Thursday) the eviction process began.

Ashley Robson, of Response North-East, a group which helps people fight eviction, said: “This is unlawful. Redstone Mortgages took issue with Glynis simply because she asked to see her original mortgage documents.”

A spokesperson from Redstone Mortgages said a possession order was obtained last July due to mounting arrears.

“Redstone is entitled to enforce the possession order and an eviction took place today at a time recommended by the police and courts to enable them to safely carry out their duties,” she said. “The customers have been afforded ample opportunity by both Redstone and the Court to make the necessary arrangements to leave the property, and emergency housing was made available to them immediately following the eviction.

“As with any borrowers, repossession is very much a last resort for Redstone. However, the Court was satisfied that Redstone had sufficient grounds to enforce its possession order.”