THE North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership will recognise someone who goes 'above and beyond' to conserve the special qualities of its unique landscape with an award.

The Pendlebury Award, named after the Partnership’s first chairman, Bob Pendlebury OBE, celebrates an individual’s commitment to looking after the second largest AONB and is now in its third year.

Nominations are open for anyone to put forward a friend, colleague or family member that either lives or works in the North Pennines.

Spokeswoman Kaye Jemmeson, who is coordinating the award, said: “We’ve had two deserving and wonderful winners and we’re on the hunt again for someone who tirelessly dedicates their time to caring for the area’s landscape, wildlife and historic buildings.

“The North Pennines a big place to look after but thankfully there are so many people who feel such a pride in it, they feel a responsibility to look after it.”

The award, in the form of a specially commissioned sculpture by Cumbrian artist Kirsty Armstrong, will be presented at the Partnership’s annual forum event at Bowlees Visitor Centre in upper Teesdale on June 26.

Chris Woodley-Stewart, the Partnership’s director, said: “Bob was a true champion of the North Pennines.

“He enjoyed this landscape immensely but also realised that for future generations to enjoy it in the same way, he needed to do everything he could to look after it."

The deadline for nominations is noon on Friday, May 22 and the winner will be selected through a ballot of North Pennines AONB Partnership members.

For details visit or call Miss Jemmeson on 01388-528801.