COLIN G Farquhar (HAS, Mar 5) knows very well that I did not credit BNP members with any capacity for reasoned argument. I said only that their arguments were "apparently"

reasoned. In fact, they are full of holes.

The BNP peddles myths and halftruths, cynically exploiting popular suspicions and misconceptions about immigrants and refugees in order to blame Britain's troubles on ethnic and religious minorities.

The BNP thinks that Britain should be for the British, but cannot accept that British people may be white, brown or black, and Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Sikh.

Behind its new facade, the party remains as racist as it ever was.

Nick Griffin did not "get rid of the riff-raff" by insisting on smart dress.

He just put the riff-raff in smart suits.

Pete Winstanley, Durham.