A MOTHER-of-five has told of her relief at "getting justice" for herself and her "little girl" after she was falsely accused of child neglect six years ago.

Valerie Cadman-Khan, who has devoted her working life to helping excluded children and who has received an award for her work, will be granted costs from Cleveland Police, the County Court of Middlesbrough heard today. (Thursday)

The court heard she had been wrongly accused of leaving her then 12-year-old daughter, Aimee, who has Down's Syndrome, outside on a cold November day for 45 minutes in only a T-shirt and thin trousers. In fact the child had a coat with her she that was declining to wear and had been going in and out of the house.

No charge was ever laid against Mrs Cadman-Khan, but she instructed solicitors Taylor Goodchild to mount a case against Cleveland Police for false arrest. That case was finally heard last month, after more than six years.

Presiding judge, Gillian Matthews, QC, made a summary decision to uphold Mrs Cadman-Khan's case without referring it to the jury.

In the county court today (Thursday) the same judge assessed the level of compensation due to Mrs Cadman-Khan. Her judgement will be issued within the next fortnight.

Judge Matthews said that in the earlier trial, Detective Sergeant Colin Helyer had been caught out "freestyle lying" in the witness box to enhance the case against Mrs Cadman-Khan.

He had said that Mrs Cadman-Khan had been "violent" by pushing past him and the girl had been "purple" with cold. However, Det Sgt Helyer had not recorded the claims in earlier statements and could not say when he had remembered them.

Mitigating for Cleveland Police, Nathan Adams, stressed DS Helyer's primary concern was for the child and he had not been deliberately malicious.

The court was told that Mrs Cadman-Khan was arrested at Cambridge Road in Middlesbrough in November, 2008. The court heard bailiffs were at the home of her former partner, Rayasat Khan and police were called.

Mrs Cadman-Khan, who lives at Stainton Village, had been working as a tutor at a pupil referral unit in Redcar and had left her daughter, now 18, with her partner.

On hearing there was trouble with the bailiffs connected to her former partner's debts, Mrs Cadman-Khan returned to find the police at the door. Det Sgt Helyer said the girl was cold and had been left outside for 45 minutes and arrested Mrs Cadman-Khan.

Mrs Cadman-Khan was handcuffed and taken into police custody for three hours and 17 minutes. The court heard she told her her employers but they stood by her. However, the arrest was on police files and came up on enhanced checks, meaning it would be very hard for her to find new employment in education.

Speaking outside the court Mrs Cadman-Khan said: "I didn't do this for the money. He hurt two people, me and Aimee, and I wanted justice and I wanted an apology."

Judge Matthews was told that Mrs Cadman-Khan will be given an apology by by police and the judge will make a decision on compensation in the coming weeks.