CAMPAIGNERS for residents of a village for people with learning disabilities have enlisted a lawyer to urge police to look again at claims of harassment at the village.

Members of Action for Botton, which represents residents of the village in Danby Dale, North Yorkshire, claimed last year that Camphill Village Trust staff were harassing vulnerable residents who complained about changes being made to the way the village is run.

A spokesman for Action for Botton said: “In early November 2014, 12 members of the 200-strong community bravely reported their harassment to police, claiming the community had been subjected to a three year-long campaign of fear, intimidation and harassment by new management at the charity Camphill Village Trust.”

The campaign group said no statements were taken from residents or witnesses – but North Yorkshire Police refutes this claim – and the investigation was dropped following a multi-agency meeting.

Action for Botton has tasked lawyer Rachel Horman to look into re-opening the investigation.

Ms Horman said: “We have received instructions of numerous acts that we believe are breaches of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and we have called on North Yorkshire Police to initiate a proper investigation.”

She added that residents were also being advised on other options open to them, such as pursuing the harassment claims though the civil courts.

North Yorkshire Police said many in depth interviews did take place and in once instance a mobile phone was taken away for closer inspection.

A police spokeswoman said the force’s legal team was looking into the request from Action for Botton to re-open the investigation.

A spokeswoman said: “North Yorkshire Police confirmed last year that enquiries were completed following a number of complaints made about the management at Botton Village.

“As a result of these enquiries, we found no evidence of any criminal offences.”

Huw John, CVT chief executive, said: “We will co-operate fully with North Yorkshire Police should they decide to re-examine the case from last year, but are confident that no bullying or harassment occurred.”