VILLAGERS living near a controversial slaughterhouse had a less than pleasant festive experience amid claims that their Christmas was ruined by continuous operations on the site.

Boosbeck Against Slaughterhouse (Bash) outline a catalogue of unpleasant experiences that residents have endured including cars being splattered in sheep waste and people not being able to enjoy Christmas lunch due to the stench.

The campaigners have written a letter to council leaders raising their concerns as the two-year long battle to close down the east Cleveland abattoir continues despite claims they are ignoring their pleas.

A claim George Dunning, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council’s leader, has dismissed.

Neville and Marlene Brown wrote: “Ourselves, Mr and Mrs Brown, had visitors on Boxing Day and we were embarrassed on their leaving when they commented on the stench, "how on earth is this allowed to happen?" was their question as they covered their mouths.

“The smell of death has lingered around the High Street, Brookside and Greenside View all through the Christmas holidays.

“I could detail many complaints, but we now know that you know there's a serious problem in Boosbeck.

"What we don't know is when our suffering will end, so our question is maybe best answered by Richard Franklin or Steve Newton.

"As legal advisors paid by tax payers, can you answer this: Do you feel our human rights are being breached in relation to the activities of this business?

“Also, are we suffering because of the council's fear of a financial compensation payout? Either way, it is wrong.

“George Dunning, leader of the Council, why have we been ignored and forced to put up with this situation for so long?

“The residents of Boosbeck are now suffering the effects of a Slaughterhouse, through no fault of their own, it is because of the councils lack of action in nullifying the consequences of such a business.

“Please do not ignore this email, we need to know when our suffering will end.”

Cllr Dunning dismissed claims that he was ignoring their pleas.

He said: “For the record none of the e-mails sent (that I have received) have been ignored and Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council officers will action.”

No one from the owner of the site, BHM of Middlesbrough, was available for comment.