SUPPORTERS of a North Yorkshire community for people with learning disabilities are gathering on Sunday to light a beacon as a sign of hope for the future.

Campaign group Action for Botton and other supporters of Botton Village who are opposed to planned changes to the way the village is run will light Danby Beacon on Sunday at 5.30pm.

Volunteer carers are Botton are fighting against proposals by Camphill Village Trust, which runs the village, to replace the family-style living arrangements with paid care workers doing shifts to care for residents.

Neil Davidson, chairman of Action for Botton, said: "Beacons have always been lit in times of threat to send out warning and to call for aid.

“Here however we are also setting the flame as a symbol of the light that has shined from Botton for 60 years.

“Botton has indeed been a beacon shining light on what can be achieved when individuals set aside their personal gain for the good of others and share their lives in a community of learning disabled and co-workers.

“The beacon is a symbol of hope that what is good, generous and open hearted will always triumph over attempts to undermine its very nature.”

Organisers have confirmed the beacon event will go ahead whatever the weather and that parking is available nearby.