A JUDGE urged a man to lose his cannabis habit after sparing him jail for producing the drug.

David Turner used a rented house to grow 27 plants which if harvested and sold on the street could have fetched up to £12,000.

His barrister Ian Hudson told Teesside Crown Court Turner had a “massive habit” with Turner claiming the cannabis was for his own personal use.

But Judge Guy Whitburn said he found that difficult to believe and branded it a commercial operation.

When advised of Turner’s habit, which saw him smoke up to 15 joints a day, Judge Whitburn remarked: “He’d better lose it or he’ll end up in a drug-induced psychosis.”

During testy exchanges in court the judge advised Mr Hudson to get his ears syringed after the barrister claimed not to hear some of his remarks when discussing what sentencing category Turner’s offending fell into.

Turner, 26, of Bruse Corner, Hartlepool, admitted producing a class B drug and criminal damage on December 13 last year.

He was given a 12 month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay £659 compensation to the homeowner.

Judge Whitburn said: “In the circumstances having read the probation report you are not in need of supervision.

“What you are in need of is firstly giving up cannabis and also getting a job. I hope you can do both.”