THE village of Ingleton is so famous for its beautiful waterfalls and deep caves that MP Helen Goodman waxed lyrical about them as she opened a County Durham fair.

Unfortunately for the Bishop Auckland MP she was talking about Ingleton, in North Yorkshire – which lies 70 miles away.

Residents compared the scene to an April Fool’s Day joke while organisers of Ingleton Village Fair and Classic Vehicle Show said it was unlikely she would be invited back.

However, Labour MP Ms Goodman laughed off the mistake and called it a simple accident, which was pointed out to her on the day.

Tony Todd, who was there with his family, said: “It would seem that the local MP knows very little about her area.

“She seemed quite oblivious to the fact that she was talking about another Ingleton. She was using a microphone so everyone will have heard her.

“I looked at my family and I thought what is she babbling on about. She dug a big hole for herself. If it had been April 1 I would have thought it was a set up.

“I think she is a disgrace and she has made a lasting impression on me. I would not vote for her.”

While visitors to Ingleton, in North Yorkshire, can enjoy the White Scar Cave those at the County Durham show on Saturday, June 14 were there to enjoy face painting and vintage cars.

Neil Flowers, a member of the show’s organising committee, said: “She obviously does not know the place and whoever had done the research for the speech had not got it right.

“It didn’t make her look very good. I spoke to one or two people who had realised what she’d done. I think that if it had being pointed out to her it would have made it more embarrassing.

“I don’t think that we’ll be asking Helen Goodman back to open the fair.”

Ms Goodman said: “I am sorry that I made the mistake. It was an honest accident on my behalf and some people pointed it out to me on the day.”