A LENGTH of metal wire was purposely strung across a well-used footpath in Eastbourne, putting cyclists and joggers at risk of serious injury.

A runner discovered the wire on Sunday morning and called the police after he had removed it.

The wire had been strung between two trees across a path which borders The Northern Echo Arena on Neasham Road and police described the act as a “very silly and very dangerous” thing to do.

PCSO Jude Hills of the East Beat team said: “It is extremely dangerous and could cause very serious injuries, particularly to cyclists, joggers and off-road bikers who may not have seen it until it was too late.

“I don’t think people who do this kind of thing realise the serious implications of their actions.

“We would like people to report this sort of incident, and if they have been aware of it happening anywhere else, because we would certainly like to put a stop to it.”

Anyone with any information should contact police on 101.