A FLORIST claims to have suffered a loss of earnings after her phone was unexpectedly cut-off.

Lindsey Robson, who runs Charlton’s Florist, in Crook, said the problem began after she tried to switch from Unicom to an alternative provider.

She said she has complained numerous times but so far has remained without a working line since last Tuesday and she fears people will think she has closed.

However, a spokesman for Unicom said they believe an error on the part of another company caused the problem and they are working to re-connect Ms Robson as soon as possible.

Ms Robson, 24, said: “It’s a ridiculous situation but is causing me so much stress.

“A lot of my business is done over the phone, but now customers trying to get through are being told that my number is no longer working.

“That means I am also losing a lot of new business with people thinking I have closed.”

She added: “It is so frustrating; I complain to Unicom, they say they will call me back but then never do.

“I’m at breaking point and have had enough of it.

“I’ve called them over 50 times from my mobile, had to cancel a holiday to get it sorted and have definitely noticed a drop in earnings because of these problems.

“I’m also having difficulty processing card payments because of an intermittent service.”

A spokesman for Unicom said: “Ms Robson was looking to transfer to an alternative provider, mid contract and had initiated the transfer process with them. “She had every right to change providers, although there would be an early termination fee chargeable and Unicom informed her of this.

“We then received an unsolicited cease on the telephone line which we are still investigating.”

“Unicom are confident that the loss of service Ms Robson has experienced is not as a result of any actions that Unicom have taken.”