JUST one flood alert remains in force in the region tonight (Sunday, December 8) as the clean-up operation continues.

The Environment Agency maintained the Flood Alert on the River Tees after the embankment at Seal Sands, near Billingham breached.

The alert will remain until after high tide at about 8.30am tomorrow, Monday, December 9. An RAF Chinook helicopter unloaded giant sandbags on the embankment on Saturday in an attempt to halt the breach.

One of the worst affected areas of the region was in the Port Clarence and Haverton Hill area, on the banks of the Tees in the Middlesbrough area, however the Environment Agency said no further flooding was expected in there.

About 700 homes across the region were still without power on Saturday night.

However the Northern Powergrid company said all affected homes had their power returned to them in an online statement earlier today, Sunday.

Gateshead council workers were continuing to pump water out of the Millennium Bridge earlier today. At Saltburn Pier damage was also being repaired.

Repairing damage to at flooding to thousands of homes and buildings in Whitby was also continuing.

In Sunderland, damage to the promenade in Seaburn, including a destroyed ten-metre stretch of railings, was being repaired.