A CORONER has said he will make recommendations to the Ministry of Justice and Department of Health for changes in policy after a man with paranoid schizophrenia hanged himself in his prison cell.

Vince (Correct full name) Morgan, 30, from Hull, was founded hanged in his cell at HMP Northallerton, North Yorkshire, on December 28 last year after a routine check by staff.

The week-long jury inquest, held at County Hall in Northallerton, concluded today. (Friday, Nov 1)

The jury returned with a verdict of misadventure and in the conclusion said: “Mr Morgan’s symptoms were only partly controlled by medication, and it was under ongoing review.

“It is unlikely, given his mental health issues and learning difficulties, that he was capable of fully knowing the consequences of his act.”

The inquest heard how in the days leading up to his death there was a lack of communication from the health care staff to the prison discipline staff, and how at a meeting on December 26, no reference was made to a relapse and risk management report that had been made for Mr Morgan at Hull prison before his transfer to Northallerton.

The report contained “key information” that a decline in personal hygiene, such as what was happening with Mr Morgan, was indicative of a decline in his mental health.

The jury report added that there had been a failure in the system to transfer information from health staff to prison staff, resulting in critical information not being made available to all the relevant people.

They concluded that as a consequence of this, problems in his behaviour were treated as discipline issues rather than medical ones.

Coroner Michael Oakley said he would be making recommendations to the Ministry of Justice and Department of Health.

“Governors and health care providers at prisons should review the policy of how to become involved if a mental health rapid transfer comes up,” he said.

“And the governor and health provider should also review how information is streamed between all relevant staff members.”

Trevor Morgan, Vince’s father, said: “I would like to thank all of our family, friends, North Yorkshire Police officers who supported us, Alan Johnson, and Tracey Windall, who has been a great source of comfort to my wife.”

Mr Morgan’s family added in a statement: “This has been a long and painful process – but we are satisfied with the findings and feel some good has come of his death in relation to the coroner’s recommendations.”

HMP Northallerton closed its doors for the last time today (Friday) as the last of its inmates were moved out, after being closed as part of a cost-cutting exercise by the Department of Justice.