A PHOTOGRAPHER is spending his night-time hours working on a horror movie.

Chris Greenwood, who runs Chocolate Chip Photography, is making a comedy-horror zombie film called Zombie Women of Satan 2.

“The first movie in the series was a massive worldwide success,” he said.

“It was distributed worldwide in 2009 and made a huge splash at the Cannes Film Festival where it got a lot of recognition, largely due to the sight of a dozen zombies on the beach promoting it.

“With this film I wanted to do something different. We’ve injected more comedy, created some unbelievable characters and hopefully it will be an even bigger success than the first film.”

The film stars Big Brother 7 winner Pete Bennett and Mike Fielding, brother of Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding.

Despite having a cast of hundreds of extras, its budget is just £8,000.

Filming has taken place in Chester-le-Street, Sunderland, Newcastle and Morpeth and the movie is expected to be released soon.