HAMSTERLEY Forest officials are supporting the national Grown in Britain movement which aims to boost trade in British wood products.

The Forestry Commission, which maintains Hamsterley, said it backs the drive to increase demand for British wood products from overstocked forests and woodlands.

Sir Harry Studholme, Forestry Commission chairman, said: “Understanding that tree felling and replanting is good for woodland health, biodiversity and our economy should encourage more people and businesses to buy and supply wood grown in Britain.”

Grown in Britain was inspired by the recommendations of the Independent Panel on Forestry report published in July 2012.

Since then the movement has encouraged over 30 companies in the retail, DIY and building sectors to make a long term commitment to choose to buy products from UK woodlands and forests.

Katherine Patterson, marketing and communications manager at Hamsterley Forest, said: “We are encouraging people to get involved through promoting Grown in Britain on site, and through social media.

“This is an incredibly powerful and important movement which all locals should support.”