EYEWITNESSES said it was lucky no children were in the way when a dog went on the rampage, killing two cats.

The drama unfolded in Westmoreland Street, Darlington, on Saturday (August 3) morning.

Police were called and managed to restrain the dog, understood to be a Lurcher-type breed, using pepper spray.

The dog is currently off the streets, while officers decide what action to take.

PC Geoff Hope, of Darlington police, is speaking to the animal’s owner and the victims in an effort to agree a way forward.

He said the dog escaped when the owner was preparing to take it for a walk on Saturday morning.

PC Hope said officers may pursue a ‘restorative’ approach to dealing with the incident and it may be that an apology from the animal’s owners is enough to ensure no more action is necessary.

Linda Hardy, who lives in a nearby block of flats, was devastated when the dog savaged her pet cat, Socks.

She said: “This is the second time one of my cats has been killed, I saw the dog running down the road with my cat in its mouth.”

Her daughter Kelly Beckett tried to fight off the dog.

She said: “I chased it and it went for me, so I kicked it in the chest. I know that sounds horrible, but I honestly believe it would have bitten me if I had not.

“It then disappeared and we heard someone else shout that it had got another cat and killed that.

“It was awful, what happened on Saturday will stay with me for a long time.

“God forbid there had been any children out there at the time, because the look in that dog’s eyes... it was out to kill.

“It was drooling, its eyes were massive and it went for my 19-year-old son and he had to hit it with a plank of wood to get it away."