IT could be a case of 'wae eye' man for a Newcastle United fan who is planning to get the club logo printed on his new glass eye.

Andrew Canavan, 35, of Bishop Auckland, has been trying to get permission from the club to use their crest in place of the iris in his fake eye for the last year and a half.

At first the Magpies didn’t respond to his emails, tweets or letters, but this week they have messaged him to say they are looking at his request.

If they say 'yes' it will cost Andrew between £400 and £500 to get the glass eye made.

He said: “I was talking to my last eye doctor and he mentioned that someone he knew was getting a gold one put in.

“I didn’t realise you could get things put on them, so I started thinking, what could I get on mine?

“I was thinking of getting the Adidas logo, or Lacoste or something like that, but that would just make me a walking advert.

“I thought, what’s so close to my heart that I’d want to walk around with it the whole time, and the answer was obvious: Newcastle.”

Mr Canavan, whose daughter’s middle name is Cisse, has been a lifelong Newcastle United fan and started going to games with friends as a teenager.

After his six-year-old stepson Jay Bulch showed an interest in going along last year he bought them both a season ticket, and has renewed them again this year.

Mr Canavan plans to wear the eye every day to show his support and insists he has no worries about bumping into fans from rival Sunderland.

He said: “I never go there. I just would not spend my money in that town out of principle, so I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Mr Canavan had his eye removed 20 years ago, aged 15, when a detached retina caused bleeding from his pupil which turned his eye red.

He was told by a doctor that he could keep the eye, but might have to come back every month for repeated treatment, or it could be taken out.