Our dog had an irritated ear last Wednesday, gave him canaral drops, by Thursday the whole right side of his face was drooping, his left eye was showing no responses, vet was seen that evening, diagnosed a stroke. Vivitonin was prescribed, went back Monday, dog seemed worse, he can not fully co-ordinate his movement, keeps laying his head on the ground and walking circles (does that make sense ?) He is very quiet and subdued, still interested in walks and food, vet has said it is possible that it is a brain tumour, or nerve damage, but if no improvement is seen soon we need to think about having him put to sleep, an MRI scan was suggested but at £700 is not affordable. can you shed any light on his condition.



Dear Jackie,
What you describe seems rather a quick onset for a brain tumour. It may well be an inner ear infection-possibility, an abscess of the inner or middle ear-possibility, or nerve damage. But would have to stem from some insult, taking us back to the possibility of an infection. maybe you could gently suggest to your vet that "would it be worth a cousre of antibiotics, before we go down the road od MRI scans, or the like?"

James Haddow