Sam started to have nose bleeds six weeks ago and was treated with three courses of anibiotics. Now diagnosed as multiglobular tumour of right nasal cavity. Surgery has been discounted as an option, but he is still fit, blood levels Ok and has good quality of life. What can we do to help him maintain a good quality of life for as long as possible. Are ther any non surgical options - vet has said he may have six months left.

M. Laycock


Dear M. Laycock,
I am sorry that surgery has been discounted. although i am not a soft tissue or ENT specialist, I do know that surgery has been done, on many occasions, on nasal cavity tumours. However, they tend to be done in the vet schools, and often after an mri scan is done to confirm the extent of the mass. This is, of course costly. I have approached the vast majority of these cases in our practice conservatively, as the cost of op was too high for them all. we tend to use anti-inflammatoires such as meloxicam, and antibiotics such as oxytetracycline and metronidazole to keep the inflammatory side of the tumour under control. If not, then there tends to be a lot of heavy nose bleeds, oftne not responding to cold therapy, or clotting agents.they do carry on happy for a while. Sorry to be of so little help.

James Haddow