A LAMB with five legs was born in the North-East on Easter Sunday.

The arrival of Quinto shocked staff at Whitehouse Farm Centre in Morpeth, when she was born along with her two sisters.

Her mother, Gloria, had triplets but instead of all being the same, Quinto had an extra hind leg.

The latest addition to the Northumberland farm is fast becoming an attraction at the visitor centre, which features farm animals and also llamas, bearded dragons, wallabies and meerkats amongst others.

Heather Hogarth, a manager at Whitehouse Farm, said: "We knew Gloria was expecting triplets, and earlier in the day, someone had put their hand in and said they thought they could feel three back legs.

"We just thought it was one of the front legs in an awkward position.

"When she came out, she had three legs. It was quite a shock.

"They are all doing really well, they were a good healthy weight and Quinto is running about allover the place and springing about.”

A vet will assess Quinto in the next week, and a decision will be made whether to amputate the extra limb or not.

Ms Hogarth said: “All the visitors love her. I had a hard time convincing anyone it was true because it was April Fool's Day.”