STUDENTS at one of the country’s leading universities have been disciplined over a Jimmy Savile–themed bar crawl.

The St Cuthbert’s Society Men’s Rugby Club at Durham University reportedly asked first year students to come as young girls, second years as the serial abuser Savile, and third and fourth years as BBC reporters and policemen.

They are said to have visited the student bars of other university colleges during last month’s social night but their behaviour drew complaints and the club has now been banned from playing matches in the university’s inter-college league for the rest of the term.

About 20 students who took part in the event have been fined £50 following a disciplinary investigation by the college authorities and the social secretary and club captain have been required to do 20 hours of community work.

The club, which has A and B teams, appealed against its punishment but the decision was upheld.

Savile, the knighted radio DJ, TV presenter and charity fund-raiser who died aged 84 in October of last year, has been revealed as a paedophile who used the cover of his celebrity to abuse hundreds of youngsters over six decades.

Police believe he could be the country’s most prolific sex offender after an ITV documentary led to a flood of allegations about the now-disgraced celebrity.

A spokesperson for Durham University said: “The university has been made aware of an incident.

“We take such matters very seriously. The students’ college has investigated the incident and disciplinary action is being taken.”

According to the Durham student newspaper Palatinate, the evening started at St Cuthbert’s Society before moving on to other colleges.

Members of the group reportedly tried to take a dartboard from the bar at St Mary’s College , one person stripped naked in the Collingwood College bar and a fire alarm was set off while the party was at Grey College. 

The rugby club could not be contacted for comment by The Northern Echo.