SARAH Hickey Jewellery is delicate, organic and hand-forged, the total opposite of mass factory production.

There is a focus on semi-precious stones such as rose quartz and aquamarine, all delicately wrapped in sterling silver, 14ct rolled gold or rose gold.

Everything is done by hand; each stone is hand-wrapped, each earring frame is hand-hammered. The slight variances in the lovingly made pieces are where the beauty lies.

The designer also offers the option of bespoke pieces, which she particularly enjoys. Often, she is commissioned to make bridal pieces. “I once had a commission for a bride in the US who had eight bridesmaids, all with different dresses,” she says. “I worked with her to create bespoke earrings for each bridesmaid with different stones and hues. That was a lovely commission. I love making bridal pieces. It’s an honour when somebody chooses to wear something I have designed and made on such an important day.”

Now 39, Sarah lives with her husband Matt and her three young children in Hexham, and has just opened her first shop in the town’s magnificent Queen’s Hall Arts Centre. “I've always had an itch to try a 'bricks and mortar' premises,” she says. “When this space came up, I realised it would be a great place to work, and a space where I could showcase the collection during open studio hours. It's the right fit, and I'm really enjoying it.”

Balancing the school run alongside her own business is a challenge, but Sarah says she’s lucky her hours are fairly flexible. “Christmas is a bit manic, but working for myself is all I ever wanted to do, so I feel very lucky every day that I get to do something I love, while watching my children grow up.”

Sarah’s journey into jewellery began in London, where she studied History of Art. After graduating she moved to New York, where she started taking jewellery-making classes and quickly built a following among boutiques in the city. When the couple decided to move back to the UK – to the North-East where Sarah grew up – she decided to focus on selling her creations online, setting up an Etsy shop. “I was then approached by and signed up with them. We ship orders all over the world; I love that aspect of online trading; the reach is literally worldwide.”

Sarah says her proudest moment was when she was approached about stocking her pearl collection in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. “It's such venerated institution of art and style,” she says. “I was really honoured.”

Next year she is releasing a collection of unique engagement rings while continuing to grow her business. “That's the beauty of the internet,” she says. “I have customers from 16 to 90, from all corners of the globe; people who like my style of jewellery just seem to find me.”

Sarah Hickey Jewellery


T: 01434 394 827