North-East-based vintage seller and blogger Louisa Rogers has launched a new online marketplace selling “vintage clothes for modern closets”. encourages fashion conscious, tech-savvy consumers to integrate vintage into their everyday wardrobes and embrace the uniqueness and the stories behind these garments.

“Trendlistr is for people who love fashion but are not victims of it. People can feel that vintage is quite restrictive and inaccessible” explains Louisa, from Newcastle. "However Trendlistr is about integrating vintage elements into a modern wardrobe in a way that is creative, unexpected and enjoyable. Vintage will always inform what is on the catwalks, so there is always going to be some relevance to current trends - it’s all about how you style it.”

Trendlistr is a global platform that is uniting the best vintage sellers in one place and encourages the digital generation to discover all that vintage fashion has to offer. The marketplace's curated nature means that only high-quality products with clear product photography are allowed on the website, allowing users to indulge in the browsing experience, rather than searching for hours for a ‘hidden gem’ amongst thousands of listings. "Other platforms have neglected quality control in favour of the mass market, making browsing for vintage online time-consuming and laborious," says Louisa.

"The driving force behind Trendlistr goes beyond fashion’s functionality and aesthetic value and ties into its use as a tool of identity creation and self-expression with the belief that fashion should be about fun and experimentation. Vintage clothing has the quality and intrinsic personality that fast fashion sometimes lacks, but often has a fusty, dusty image that it no longer deserves!”


Twitter: @Trendlistr


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