BICYCLES are popular Christmas presents and a cycle share scheme is hoping to benefit from old bikes that are no longer needed.

The award-winning Yorkshire Bank Bike Library scheme aims to give every child in the county access to a bike, for free.

The project is asking for anyone with an old or unwanted bike to hand them in at one of 62 donation stations across the county.

The bikes are repaired if necessary and then made available to borrow completely free of charge from one of the bike libraries all over the region.

This December the scheme celebrates its third birthday and in the short time since it launched it has gone from strength to strength with over 60 donation stations and almost 50 bike libraries in place.

Sir Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “It’s amazing that the Yorkshire Bank Bike Library scheme benefits so many children across the county.

“But what’s just as fantastic to see is how many generous people have got behind the project and donated a bike.

“So far, over 5,500 bikes have been donated which is incredible – thank you to everyone who has got involved.

“I’m sure there will be lots of lucky children finding a new bike under the Christmas tree this year.

“Don’t let your old bike go to waste – let someone new love your old bike!”

Helen Page, marketing director at Yorkshire Bank, added: “It is so inspiring to see what the Yorkshire Bank Bike Libraries has achieved in these three years and we are determined to keep momentum moving into 2018.”

There are several Bike Libraries in the region including at Catterick Garrison, Middlesbrough Cycle Centre and the Middlesbrough Environment City Bike Library.