THIS week I have been testing some of 2XU’s compression garments, designed to improve power output and aid recovery

What is 2XU?

Pronounced 'Two Times You', the company was started by former professional triathlete Jamie Hunt. He turned his knowledge of the sport into a passion for performance fabrics. The company boasts NBA teams, NFL teams, Olympians and even US Navy SEALS among those who wear the brand.

What do they make and why?

2XU major on compression. Their garments, targeted at runners, triathletes and cyclists, are designed to improve both performance and recovery. The company claims that its garments enable the wearer to put more power down, be it cycling or running, because they hold the muscles in place. In addition, they say they decrease the chances of fatigue by preventing the muscles from oscillating and enable the wearer to continue for longer by increasing blood flow to the heart. Improved circulation always helps fight off the build up of lactic acid, something I am personally prone to, especially at the start of a ride.

What did you test?

I tested the Reflect Full Length Compression tights (£85), Recovery Compression Socks (£35) and Reflect Compression Calf Guards (£40).

What are they like?

The Reflect Full Length Compression tights are made from premium denier fabric and offer ‘ultra muscle support’, are said to reduce damage and soreness and help you recover faster.

They come with plenty of features, including 360 degree reflective detailing, a must on these dark nights, support for adductor, glute, quad, hamstring and calf muscles, drawstring waistband, flatlock seams to reduce chafing and moisture wicking to keep you dry.

They are, it must be said, incredibly snug fitting, to the point where you wonder from time to time whether you’ve actually got anything on. Initially, especially at this time of year, you feel quite cold when you step outside, but within ten or 15 minutes your body is up to competitive temperature and it’s no longer an issue.

Because they are so tight fitting, nothing gets in the way and you do feel able to put the power down – 2XU say five per cent peak power gains are possible. The Reflect Compression Calf Guards are primarily for runners, but can be used for cycling.

Again they feature 360 degree reflective detailing, plus all the other benefits that the tights have. They aim to combat swelling by reducing calf girth and aid recovery through graduated compression. The Recovery Compression Socks are interesting as they are not something I have thought about before.

I have countless items of clothing for exercise itself, but nothing for warming down in – in fact I rarely warm down at all, which is probably completely wrong. With a graduated fit, the socks help increase blood flow to aid muscle recovery, feature padded zones to the heels and balls of the feet for comfort, vented toe panel for greater breathability, have anti-bacterial properties and, finally, are specifically left and right for an improved fit.

Where can I find out more?

For more details visit www.2xu. com/uk