UK Music has launched a guide to mentoring in the music industry.

The document offers advice to both mentors and mentees and includes information on how to ensure both parties get the most out of their relationship.

Aimed at individuals and small business, it was created by the UK Music Futures Group led by recording artist and record label owner Frank Hamilton, known for his One Song A Week project, in which he wrote, recorded and released a song on a weekly basis.

Included in the guide are examples of mentoring agreements, tips on finding a mentor and templates for setting goals.

Hamilton said: “When it comes to mentoring and the talent pipeline, I think the music industry could be doing far better. There are already a lot of fantastic programs out there, but most of them are massively over-subscribed and under-resourced.

“If this guide helps just one person to understand the process and make it seem more achievable, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

“In truth I hope it can inspire many to seek out their own mentoring arrangements and improve their chances of success, both personally and professionally.”

The UK Music Futures Group was established in 2016 and includes young people from across the business, including labels, publishers and live agents.

The group’s chairwoman Amanda Maxwell said: “The UK Music Futures Group was set up to give people from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to develop their skills and experience.

“Schemes like the UK Music Futures Group and mentoring are key to driving the next generation of thought-leaders.

“We hope that this guide will act as a reminder to the industry to be more proactive in supporting emerging talent outside the usual channels. It takes all of us to make small steps to make change.”

The guide is available online.