A RENOWNED horse trainer has teamed up with an organisation to raise funds in aid of stable staff who have suffered both financially and mentally because of the pandemic.

County Durham trainer Rebecca Menzies – who has Howe Hill Stables, near Sedgefield – has joined forces with 4Racing to give something back to the industry hit by the coronavirus crisis.

The campaign is a charity partner of Racing Welfare and is also raising funds for an independent initiative called Riders Minds.

As well as the donations, two horses are in training, one in the UK with the dual-purpose Sedgefield trainer, called Snowy Burrows and one in Ireland, called Namedinlockdown with the young, upcoming, Katy Brown.

4RacingvCOVID19 is selling 100 shares in a racehorse to the public at either £325 as an annual cost, or £30 per month.

4Racing is charging no admin fees for this and any surplus over and above the expenses of having the horse go to the fund.

By having a horse running for the benefit of the charity partners organisers said they hope to keep on giving for the benefit of those that they support.

Graham Arnold from 4Racing said: “I am sure at £30 per month so many people would want to get involved if we can we get the message out to a wider audience as possible. This is where we need help from everybody that loves their racing or rely on it to earn a living. People will surely want to get involved as they will be contributing to a good cause at the same time as having fun with the horses”

The fundraiser was set up in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Racing yards up and down the country have landed on hard times due to the countrywide shutdown of the sport.

Organisers said racing behind closed doors has returned but yards and stable staff will still see reduced income levels for some time to come.

So far, the fundraiser has raised £1,272 of their £100,000 target.

Anyone interesting in buying a share of Snowy Burrows should visit 4-racing.com

To donate to the cause visit gofundme.com/f/4-racing-v-covid19

There is an open day for shareholders planned at Howe Hill Stables on Friday, August 29.