THIS week, 15 years ago, experts were presented with a treasure trove of finds when the Yorkshire Museum hosted the BBC's Hidden Treasures programme.

Among the items taken in for analysis was a Roman Denarius coin, marked with the crest of Emperor Otho, who ruled following Emperor Nero's suicide in AD69.

The biggest find of the day was an Anglo-Saxon gold pendant thought to date back to the 7th Century.

"It's almost certainly going to be declared treasure, which will mean the British Museum will examine it, a valuation committee will validate its age and worth, and museums will then be asked to bid for it, '' said liaison officer Simon Holmes.

"The finder will then be able to share the proceeds of a sale with the owner of the land where it was found."

Also that week, Durham City prepared to hold one of the largest charity events of its kind.

Durham cricket star Gary Pratt was announced as the official starter for a huge rubber duck race from Durham City's Elvet Bridge to Kingsgate Bridge.

The 10,000 rubber ducks released into the water cost £1 to enter and the winning duck to cross the line bagged £750 for its sponsor, the second place scooping £250.

Ran by Durham University Charities Kommitte (Duck) the proceeds went to the Durham Mayor's Appeal, St Cuthbert's Hospice and WaterAid.

Alistair Baker, Northumbrian Water's Communications Manager and WaterAid supporter, said: "The spectacle of 10,000 yellow ducks bobbing along the River Wear will be a really fun event for brilliant causes.

"It is already driving everyone quackers and we hope it will pay the bills for the worthwhile charities."

Meanwhile, a university student also took up a charity challenge by taking part in an African adventure to raise funds for some of Britain's most vulnerable children and young people.

Sarah Oates, 24, from Crook, joined The Children's Society's ten-day trek up Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.

The student pledged to raise about £3,000 for the charity, mainly through corporate sponsorship.

Miss Oates said: "I've always wanted to go travelling, and trekking offers me just what I want to do with the added bonus of being able to raise money for disadvantaged kids.”