FIFTEEN years ago this week, The Northern Echo caused a nation-wide media storm when we revealed how a model's bare backside had replaced the traditional image of a farmer shearing sheep outside a busy pub.

Tanya Robinson was the toast of North Yorkshire when she won FHM's High Street Honeys competition the previous December.

As well as the £10,000 top prize, it meant a cover shoot and a trip to Miami to compete in the lads' magazine's Bikini Heaven competition.

But back home, locals and management at The Fleece on Richmond's Victoria Road thought the 21-year-old reigning Miss Blackpool deserved some lasting recognition, and decided the pub should be renamed in her honour.

The Tanya's Charms was launched - complete with new signs which illustrate just what they are, in case there should still be in any doubt.

Tanya was guest of honour and admitted she was rather taken aback by the cheeky tribute.

"I was very surprised to see my bottom on display in Richmond," she said. "It's unbelievable."

There were some in the quiet market town who were less than enamoured with the change of image.

Dr Mike Nicholls, secretary of the Richmond Business and Tourism Association, said: "This doesn't sit well with our attempts to project an image of Richmond as an up-market location at all."

And Richmond Civic Society chairman Bev Joicey said: "It's unlikely to do anything for the town as a whole except, perhaps, make it the butt of people's jokes – if you'll pardon the pun."

In other news, Newcastle manager Sir Bobby Robson received the award for Premiership manager of the month, just 11 days before his 70th birthday, after guiding Newcastle to an impressive four wins and a draw, taking them up to third place.

And a six-year-old discovered an unusual item at the bottom of his garden, in Richmond.

Schoolboy Peter James found an Army gas mask that he believed must have dropped from the sky.

The family home is directly below the flight path of military aircraft that use nearby Feldom Training Centre, where troops were carrying out exercises.

The Ravensworth Primary School pupil said: "It just appeared from nowhere.

"It looks scary and the more I look at it the more I don't like it, but all my friends are keen to have a look and it's a cool thing to find in your garden."