THERE was singing and dancing in the streets after the publication of Memories 390 as the “identify the old car spot” was back after several months.

We showed Spennymoor in 1963 and asked you to identify car registered 3702 UP parked nearest the camera and the two on the right driving towards the photographer.

It must have been too easy as Ged Davison in Thornaby and Mark Cooper in Darlington were among those who agreed with the identifications of John Biggs of Etherley Grange. He said: “3702 UP is a Vauxhall Victor (FB series), coming towards the camera with its wipers going is a Mk 2 Ford Zephyr 6, followed by a 105E Ford Anglia.

Phil Hunt in Barningham added: “This final version of the long-standing Anglia, which was produced from 1939 to 1967, was UK Ford's first model with an OHV engine and electric windscreen wipers. Earlier Fords ran the wipers from engine suction and they slowed as the engine worked harder. Going up-hill in the rain could become interesting as the wipers slowed and then stopped. Momentarily lifting off the throttle gave a screen-wipe, but slowed you down.

“The 105E was introduced at the start of the motorway era as earlier Anglias were not really up to high-speed cruising.”