KNOWING our readers' penchant for old cars, here is a half-page advertising feature from a D&S of yesteryear.

Sadly, we've lost the name of the person that sent it in to us (apologies), but it may have rescued him from being forever attached to such a sexist promotion.

"Models that never go out of fashion" was the tagline above a woman in a bikini for Toyotas sold by St John's Motors in Darlington.

"Look at the features, look at the price" said SG Motor Sales of Northallerton, selling a Yugo for £2,699, next to the same semi-clad lady who appears in the Starion advert on the page.

"What a model" guffawed E Williamson Motors of Darlington next to a recumbent young women to promote their Fiat Regata.

"She's got style" said Woodhead & Bray of Thirsk, flogging their Peugeots.

Thankfully, we have moved on since this advert was published.