TERRY EVANS very kindly dropped a couple of pictures of Heighington into the Echo Memories office, showing a road widening scheme at the north end of the pretty village.

The pictures have filtered down to Terry through the generations but were originally owned by Stephen Barker, who was a Heighington councillor who died in the 1930s.

We believe the road widening at the north end of the village green took place in 1926, after a young girl, Winifred Urwin, had been killed by a bus on the nasty corner.

To add to the pictures, we've looked in The Northern Echo's photo-archive to find more views of Heighington plus, as we are talking about ridiculously narrow roads, we've added a couple of views of nearby Redworth for good measure.

If any of today's pictures trigger any thoughts or memories, please email chris.lloyd@nne.co.uk.