LAST year, Keith published Glorious Runs and Safe Returns, a well-received book about the history of Scott’s Greys, the almost-legendary Darlington bus company which is still fondly remembered for its exciting day trips from the Market Place.

Now Keith returns with his own story of his working life on the buses, which started when he left school at 15 in 1965 to join the office staff at Scott’s Greys and how he worked his way up to driving all over the continent.

He tells his tales of the Leyland bus where the speedo went up to 80 but the needle kept moving until it reached the middle letter in “mph” – that was 90, a comfortable cruise in the days before tachographs.

He tells of rugby club bared bottoms, of being bricked by Leeds football fans when carrying a busload of Middlesbrough supporters, and what was probably the worst of those famous mystery tours – a Brummie driver was employed and was told to take the passengers somewhere he knew.

So he drove them from Darlington for a ride around Spaghetti Junction and then home. All for £1. “There was hell on,” says Keith.

His career came to a premature end in 1984 when he sustained a whiplash injury avoiding a drunk on Darlington’s Whinfield Road, but his last chapter tells of his affair with Maid Marion – a dinky 1952 14-seater Scott’s Greys coach which he now owns and which evokes many memories whenever it appears at shows.

Keith’s books are well illustrated for bus fans, and cost £23.45 each (including postage). For more details, email or 07949-408472.