HOW nice of Pete Winstanley (HAS, Feb 23) to bring to public notice that BNP members are now smartly dressed and put across reasoned arguments. It was an interesting move then of Nick Griffin to emphasise smart dress, one way to get rid of the riffraff. Similar I suppose to putting piped classical music in bus stations.

Maybe Nick could teach the Labour Party a lesson or two to clean up its act. For it not only entertains such people in its party, such as John Prescott for instance, but also in Number 10 with Sinn Fein/IRA buddies and pop stars.

As to reasoned argument: it is necessary to hold good ideas and policies in order to present a sound and reasoned case. The major parties are bereft of such, bankrupt of sound ideas, ungodly, and treacherous toward God and nation.

Colin G Farquhar, Framwellgate Moor, Durham.