MOST people will have watched last week’s drama on ITV over four nights entitled “Mr Bates vs The Post Office”.

Paula Vennells, who was the CEO of the Post Office during the midst of the devastating Horizon Scandal, still has the honour of a CBE.

It’s an insult to the staff who were wrongly imprisoned, driven to bankruptcy and are still picking up the pieces to this day.

But the petition demanding Paula Vennells be stripped of her CBE soared to 365,000 signatures in just 24 hours and has now topped one million, with the demands being made in the papers and on TV programmes.

We can’t stop now.

Right now all eyes are on the Honours Forfeiture Committee – which has the power to strip Vennells of her CBE – because thousands are learning about the scandal in an ITV drama.

The suffering caused by the Horizon scandal will last a lifetime.

Now it’s up to us the viewers and the readers to move quickly and make sure the pressure doesn’t get buried in the next news cycle.

Let’s get together force the committee to remove Paula Vennells’ CBE.

This is the largest miscarriage of justice ever seen in this country.

Vennells was ordained as a priest in the Church of England yet showed no compassion to the thousands of sub postmasters.

This has not gone away and will come back to haunt this government for years to come and possibly be an election issue.

My suggestion is for every reader to write to their MP and asks for their support of the postmasters who having be exonerated by the highest court in the land and that Paula Vennells has the honour that she received in 2019 removed.

Then there is the issue of Horizon software made by Fujitsu – what happens there? Some of the post office workers have since died before they could see justice.

Vince Crosby, Newton Aycliffe.