THE childhood memories of a former Richmond lass, who now lives in Darlington, told in a lively and forthright style, and packed with incidents that will bring back memories for many. These recollections of the first 16 years of Elaine’s life encompass such events as the Second World War (obviously sketchy as she was born as the war broke out); the horrendous winter of 1947-48 and the Festival of Britain. But this was also the age of “luxurious Nissen huts; rationing; picking rosehips for pocket money, the 11-Plus, and the joys of Saturday morning children’s cinema and roller-skating”.

Elaine had a happy childhood and it shines through, but she was one of those children who always seemed to suffer accidents – she became very familiar with doctors and hospitals as well as a loving slap from her mother. Some 16 years of fun and more to come.

(Available through Amazon, Waterstones .com, Richmond’s Castle Hill Bookshop or phone 01325-350362, £13.50 including p&p).