READING a whole book about just one walk sounds terribly boring, but not when the walk is across Morecambe Bay, with its stunning views and wealth of wildlife.

Cedric Robinson, author of Between the Tides, holds the historic office of Queen's Guide to the Kent Sands of Morecambe Bay, and he is an expert on anything that involves the bay. For the last 45 years he has guided thousands of people across the sands and has re-created his walks in written form, detailing everything that's special and unique about the bay.

Between the Tides looks at the dangers of the shifting sands, historical events and tragedies, birds, fish, people, fishing and farming, cockle picking and leisure activities taking place across the wide expanse.

The bay has many faces and Robinson has taken time to lay them bare, not just its fragile beauty but also the dangers lurking beneath the sands. In one memorable chapter, Death on the Sands, he recounts the tragic events and fatalities recorded, including the most recent which made international headlines, when, in 2004, 22 Chinese cockle pickers lost their lives in the fast-rising tide.

He looks at the lives of the fisherfolk who have worked the sands for centuries and also recalls the numerous well known figures who have crossed the bay with him, including the Duke of Edinburgh (who provided the foreword to this book), Melvyn Bragg, Bill Bryson, Harry Secombe, Judith Chalmers, Victoria Wood and many others. He shows us the wildlife that lives in this dramatic environment and discusses the apparent consequences of global warming as dolphins and salmon become a regular sight in the bay.

The book is beautifully illustrated with photographs that depict both the walk and the vast expanse of Morecambe Bay in all its amazing variety.