AN award-winning producer is once again stepping behind the camera for a new short horror movie filmed in County Durham.

Dean Maynard has finished filming the new horror short, The Rag Dolly, which is due for release in time for Halloween.

Mr Maynard, from Willington, was previously part of the production team behind The Legend of the Chained Oak – which was released in 2014.

The film was awarded "best horror short" at the The Bram Stoker Festival, in Glasgow and came out on top at the Portobello Festival and Stoke Your Fires film festival.

It has been shown at horror conventions up and down the country – something Mr Maynard hopes to replicate with his newest film.

He said: “The short is a glimpse into the horror character which will be revealed in the full 90 minute feature which we hope to start shooting early next year – and eventually turn into a franchise.

“The concept is quite Blair Witch-esque as in the film we will be finding out about the doll from people in the community who have all heard the tales and legends. They are interviewed as if it's a documentary within a film.

“The film was shot between Willington and Bishop Auckland so there will be places people from the North-East will be able to recognise.

“I’ve always been drawn to horror and anything paranormal which is shown in the film.Our cast is really strong and we hope there’s a positive reaction to it as I don’t think we could have shot it any better.”

Newcastle actress Faye Ormston will play the role of the doll in a cast which will also include Ross Brewster from Ken Loach’s new film, Sorry We Missed You.

Mr Brewster, who has been a police officer with Durham Constabulary for 22 years, landed the role in Mr Loach’s film four years after signing up with an agency in a bid to make it as a TV extra.

The actor will star in the short film, which Mr Maynard hopes to include footage of in the upcoming full feature.

The team said they have been in talks with cinemas including the new Odeon cinema in Durham, as would like to play the full feature film there next year.

The short film will premier on Thursday, October 24, online and can be watched at @DeanMidas channel on YouTube.